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Cal Inspection Bureau & Legacy P&C Partner to Create Legacy National Audit Bureau

Tarzana, CA – April 2, 2018: Cal Inspection Bureau and Legacy P&C announced today the formation of a new nationwide premium audit company, Legacy National Audit Bureau. Cal Inspection Bureau will continue offering physical inspections, phone inspections, and hybrid premium audit services to clients throughout the United States.

“It’s a strategic partnership,” says Emil Moskowitz, Co-Founder/President of Legacy National and Founder/President of Cal Inspection Bureau. “It combines Cal Inspection Bureau’s 30 years of commercial P&C experience with Legacy P&C’s 14 years of success in the premium audit industry. It made a lot of sense for us to work together.”

Legacy National’s goals for the coming year include strengthening industry relationships, enhancing their services, and helping clients overcome their premium audit challenges. Staying current with technology, the new entity also offers state of the art premium audit software that is updated regularly and saves the client time. The organization is also committed to hiring and educating the next generation of auditors and industry leaders.

“Between us, we offer more than 125 years of experience to the benefit of our clients and the industry,” says Myles Bancroft, Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer at Legacy National. “We look forward to changing the way our clients think about the premium audit process.”

Read more about the history of Cal Inspection Bureau and Legacy National Audit Bureau at:

About Legacy National Audit Bureau

Legacy National Audit Bureau offers hybrid premium audits on a nationwide level, as well as premium audit technology solutions and consulting services. They are committed to minimizing client workloads as they help clients better understand their risk. Learn more at

About Cal Inspection Bureau

Cal Inspection Bureau provides loss control inspections, phone surveys, as well as hybrid premium audits to clients throughout the United States. They combine over 30 years of commercial P&C experience with industry-leading customer service to deliver an outstanding experience to clients.

For more information, contact Emil Moskowitz at or contact Myles Bancroft at


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