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Our History

Legacy National Audit Bureau was actually born of a chance meeting that occurred in 2004.  Myles Bancroft was invited to speak at a conference in Ft. Lauderdale and, after his presentation he met Emil Moskowitz, in passing, along with a number of the other attendees.  Not much thought was given to the encounter by either of the men.

As Emil returned to California, he began to formulate an idea and the next week the two spoke by phone.  Emil had been giving some thought to starting a premium audit operation as part of Cal Inspection Bureau.  He invited Myles to fly out and discuss the project.  This first encounter in California was the beginning of a long and lasting friendship.

In the same year, Cal Inspection Bureau launched their audit operation and Myles, then living and working in Westerville, Ohio returned home and started up Bancroft & Robinson, LLC; providing audit consulting to carriers in the Great Lakes region. The following year, he and Vince Purpura collaborated to start Legacy P&C Partners, Inc. with an eye on filling a service hole that existed in the Ohio market.

Over the next decade and a half, Myles and Emil stayed in touch.  From time to time they would assist one another with a particular project or to consult on something that was more in the other’s field of expertise.  Along the way, the two often commented that it would be great to team up – but the timing never seemed right.

In early 2017, Myles and Stephanie felt compelled to move back to the Carolinas to care for aging parents.  During that transition, Emil once again broached the subject of joining forces to create a larger, multi-regional to national audit company.  In March of 2018 that dream became a reality.

While Legacy National Audit Bureau might be a new name to you, the people and the companies behind it are certainly not neophytes to the commercial property and casualty industry.

Moskowitz, Bancroft and the Legacy National leadership team have almost 125 combined years of serving carriers all over the United States.  The firm looks forward to building upon this rich past to create a vibrant company that will continue to change the way carriers think about the premium audit process.

We’d invite you to be part of our journey.

If your audit company is making YOU work, then they're not doing their job.

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Our Mission Statement

We will change the way you think about your Premium Audit process, through focused engagement, product excellence and unequaled customer service.  We will treat each of your risks as if it’s our own.

If we make you work, we’ve failed to do what you pay us for. Call Us Today! 877–890–2767

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