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One of the distinctives of Legacy National is that we use our own audit software. Argo Navis Sys was created by Myles Bancroft and Julia Evans, starting in 2006. Since then the software has been in production mode with upgrades being made, to accommodate auditor and client needs, on almost a weekly basis.

Why Argo Navis?

Who Uses Argo Navis?

The system has been in full production with Legacy P&C Partners, Inc. since 2007. Since we own the software, we can make changes to report formats or functionality in minimal time and with absolutely no red tape.

Two Midwest carriers are also using Argo Navis for their own auditors. Both groups audit extremely large risks and have found the Excel import function to be a time-saver, if not a life-saver for their productivity.

Intuitive interface for auditors

Argo Navis was created to allow an auditor to organize and lay out each audit based on their personal preferences as well as the way records are presented to them. Included in the software is a full Status Reporting system as well as an Excel import feature that allows enormous Excel files to be formatted and downloaded into the worksheets, minimizing “busy work” and transcription errors.

Modular format, specific to the coverage being audited

Whether you’re auditing¬† Worker’s Comp, General Liability (payroll and sales modes) or Auto Liability, we have you covered.¬† We even have Garage-Dealer and Non-Dealer modules.

The audit files are minute. When we exchange audit files, they are sent in our own encrypted, proprietary .xml format which cannot be read without our system. They take a matter of seconds to transmit, while connected to the web.

We can map our .xml format to yours for the purpose of integrating with your premium audit or policy management system.

Easily-readable audit format

We built Argo Navis so the reports could be read and understood by audit departments, agents and policyholders. Every detail of the report, even the calculations of premium overtime, are shown in the Audit Recap.

Contact Myles Bancroft for more information on Argo Navis or to schedule a demo:

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